Wallmart people? Girl please! (dag 68)

Gepubliceerd op 12 juni 2019 om 11:50

Today I went to Firenze. The alarmclock was set on 0500 and by six i left Fiesole to the city of Dan Brown. Firenze is a great city with magificent architecture and a lot of history. And that's why i write this blog in English. For those american parents who are thinking about to send their children to Europe to study. Please don't.

We find them rude.

After spending some time in the inner city I went back by bus to Fiesole and there were american students on this bus. They spoke very loud and the OmG's and 'like err's' were bouncing around the bus. All were in good spirits. The students, the Italians and me.

Suddenly things changed because one of the nitwits (cunt is such a harsh word) called the other passengers 'wallmart people' and 'Thank God I can afford a car'.

Leason in life # 2089 'Because you don't speak Italian doesn't mean others can't understand English or 'dedain'. Suddenly it was a problem that those girls didn't stand up for the elderly, the pregnant female or the partially disabled boy to give them their seats. 

In Europe we do this you know.

It is our culture. Our way of life. Or as we call it, civilisation. And when one of the students asked something to a nice Italian gentleman the reply was 'No hablo Americano', which put a smile on my face and I believe others. 

So please send the nasale speaking rude, 'trickling down kind' of offspring to other parts of the world. Or better still, keep them at home. We are not interested in these great Americans.

Please send over the more introvert, nice and grateful ones. 'Like errr' my cigarloving friends from 'like errr' abroad. Wouldn't that be 'like errr' nice. Oh My God. I would totally 'like errr totally' love that. 

Afstand gelopen: 16/ 2040 kilometer.

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